Helios Hospital Berlin Buch
HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch

Helios Hospital Berlin Buch is one of the largest and most contemporary multidisciplinary medical institutions in Berlin, and is part of the privately-owned HELIOS Hospital Group. It also doubles as an educational facility and hospital of the Charité University complex. Absolute majority of treatments known to modern medical science are practised within its walls. Many departments are certified by professional societies such as the German Cancer Society.

The hospital treats about 144,000 inpatients and 52,000 outpatients annually. Doctors from related disciplines work closely together on devising optimal treatment plans to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The clinic is located in a very picturesque area, with the Buch Castle-Church and Barnim Nature Park nearby. Closeness to nature and opportunity to spend time in areas of natural beauty has a beneficial impact on patients' health and their ability to muster the strength for recovery.

Obstetrics, gynaecology and family planning are among the main disciplines the clinic specialises in. Patients have a wide range of services at their disposal: diagnosis and treatment of infertility, ongoing pregnancy complications, preservation of pregnancy, management of multiple pregnancies and neonatology and obstetric care for women with pathologies.

Inpatient infrastructure and facilities include:
Comfortable, modern single, double, or triple rooms
Private bathroom and toilet, adjustable overbed table, locker for personal belongings, TV, Wi-Fi, safe, minibar
Park, gym, playground, shop, beauty salon, ATM, pharmacy, cafeteria
Luxury wards
Breakfast buffet, three menu options for lunch and dinner
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