Rechts der Isar Hospital
Klinikum Rechts der Isar

Founded in 1934, the clinic effortlessly combines longstanding traditions with the latest achivements modern medicine has to offer. It incorporates 33 specialised departments and 20 interdisciplinary centres, in which patients are given high-quality care across the board. The hospital treats 250,000 outpatients and 60,000 inpatients annually.

The institution has an upstanding reputation outside Germany thanks to its unique clinical cases. For example, in 2008, its doctors carried out a pioneering transplant operation on both arms above the elbow. Lasting 15 hours and involving 40 specialists, the operation was the first of its kind and caused a great deal of excitement in the scientific world.

In addition, the hospital staff actively pursue research activities, in which various diseases are studied and new treatment options are developed. The clinic's core institutes are among the world's most prestigious scientific organisations. The Roman Herzog Cancer Centre is a prime example - its specialists work closely together with the Munich Cancer Center to find new ways of treating the desease. The institution implements a strict quality control system, which allows to maintain an excellent level of care.

Inpatient infrastructure and facilities include:
Comfortable, modern single, double, or triple rooms
Private bathroom and toilet, overbed table, wardrobe, table and armchairs for guests, TV, Wi-Fi, safe, minibar
Park, gym, playground, ATM, pharmacy, shop, cafeteria
Luxury rooms with a safe and a minibar
Three meals a day
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