Only the very latest methods and the highest quality materials are used at the clinics offering dental treatment. A distinctive feature of German dentistry is comprehensive diagnostics, which makes it possible to prescribe appropriate therapy plans. Doctors give patients comprehensive updates throughout all stages of treatment, changes in duration and outcome. Carefully measured anaesthetics are used during the procedures, making the process virtually pain-free.

Dentists are knowledgeable about the whole range of conventional treatments. The use of digital lasers and microscopes makes it possible to perform precise endodontic procedures and prevent tooth loss even in hopeless cases.

When the use of prosthetics is required, doctors employ sensitive technology. Combination of high quality materials, modern equipment and experience of medical personnel makes it possible to restore the aesthetics of patients' teeth without compromising general health.

Dentists use advanced technologies such as lumineers, the so-called "no prep" veneers, made out of ultra-think laminate. These thinnest onlays allow to mask all cosmetic defects eliminating the need for machine rounding.

Dental structures installed in Germany are made of ultra-durable materials and last years. A quality certificate is issued for every implant, denture or filling.

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