The highest standards of treatment are applied in paediatric medicine that, as always, is regulated by the state. As a welcome consequence, Germany has one of the lowest child mortality rates in the world.

German pediatrics boasts an abundance of advantages. These include making an accurate diagnosis in the most complex clinical cases, a possibility of carrying out high-tech operations with a brief recovery period, prescription of modern treatment schemes that are as effective and safe for the child as possible, and virtually pain-free and injury-free treatments.

Doctors continue to record successes in treating all physical, mental and psychosomatic diseases in infants, children and adolescents. Their tasks also include the prevention and rehabilitation of developmental disorders in young patients. An interdisciplinary team works on each case, selecting the unique diagnostic and therapeutic procedures needed for a particular patient. Pediatrics is a special field of medicine that requires not only serious medical training, but also constant refinement of skills.

All medical personnel, including orderlies and nurses, are trained by teachers and psychologists to help ensure children are as comfortable as possible. Diagnostic examinations and treatment are often carried out in the presence of parents. This ensures that children feel safe and parents have a thorough understanding of the illness and peculiarities of further therapy.

Medical centres are fitted with equipment that meets international pediatrics standards: children's blood pressure cuff sizes, smaller endoscope diameter, reduced radiation dose during CT/MRI. A mandatory requirement for all manipulations is that they are pain-free. General aesthetic is administered if necessary.

In addition to compulsory psychological training and professional skills, all doctors working at the hospitals share one common trait - their love for children. More often than not, a child is pleasantly surprised with a toy or sweets, and then goes on telling the doctor about their problems in a playful, relaxed way. This allows not only to establish a trusting relationship with the doctor, but also to carry out the necessary examinations properly. For example, increased stress during blood collection can distort the actual test results. All German medical institutions have invested into the creation of comfortable conditions for children: bright and cosy wards, play rooms and playgrounds, adjacent parks for walks, delicious and healthy food, entertainment (visits by clowns, animators), psychological and educational assistance. If desired, one or both parents can check in and stay at the hospital together with their child.

The Vivantes Friedrichshain and Munich Schwabing Clinics are well fitted for treating small patients and admit a large number of them every year.

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