Plastic and aesthetic surgery
Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of plastic surgery. Its main areas of application are reconstructive surgery, hand and arm surgery, cosmetic surgery and burns treatment.

This industry is regulated by the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, with headquarters in Berlin. Its main objective is development of the underlying science, introduction of the latest technologies into clinical practice and advanced training of medical personnel.

All clinics in Germany are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In 2019 the Ludwig-Maximilian University Hospital acquired one of only ten 3D full body scanners available in the world. This device scans the body for skin tumours with 92 HD cameras in a matter of seconds.

All doctors practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery have got extensive professional experience. Their accuracy and meticulousness ensure that the desired result is achieved without unnecessary risks or complications.

Hand surgery is a sub-sector that requires specialist knowledge. Primary focus is placed on restoring important functions to the limb. This is meticulous work and entails giving optimum shape to ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones and soft tissues of the hands.

Burns surgery deals with the largest and most sensitive human organ - skin. If it is scalded, burned, damaged, injured by electricity or lightning, a painful and prolonged process of healing begins. It is customary for a surgeon specialising in burns to deal with emergency situations. This involves stabilising the blood circulation, administering painkillers and protecting against overcooling. In addition, the surgeon must prevent inflammation and, if necessary, perform skin replacement. In the event of an elbow, fingers or hands burn, in addition to restoring movement functions, the surgeon also takes care of cosmetic treatment: removal of disfiguring scars and scars.

The aim of cosmetic and plastic surgery is to restore a sense of harmonious appearance. Reputed surgeons do not conduct surgeries that could upset the proportions and give effect of "cat's eyes", celebrity-like nose and grotesquely large breasts. Because of the abundance of surgical possibilities, patient counselling is now a vital task for doctors. Because any procedure carries inherent risks, the patient has to be thoroughly informed about its prospects and possible complications. The client will only be satisfied with the result if they undergo the surgery with realistic expectations. Preliminary 3D computer-generated modelling helps predict the outcome of the intervention.

Poor quality plastic surgery in Germany amounts to an accusation of bodily harm. A doctor will never ignore the obvious counter-indications to plastic surgery, as the patient's health is given absolute priority over personal gain.

German surgeons apply the latest know-how such as the use of stem cells and autologous tissues (a natural material that is extracted from the patient's body itself) to enlarge certain parts of the body. The advantages of this method are obvious, as the risk of rejection and allergic reaction to the transplant is minimal and the organ retains its natural properties.

Some procedures combine both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Mammoplasty in its classic form has many negative consequences: scars on the chest and inability to breastfeed. German doctors tackle this problem by enlarging the bust so that the scars remain hidden in the fold of the chest or armpit socket and are almost invisible. Women have the opportunity to fully experience the joy of motherhood and to breastfeed their babies.

Such complex operations usually require two surgical teams to work simultaneously, but the time of operation is limited to 4-5 hours and does not require a blood transfusion.

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